What is TEC?

TEC Stands for Teens Encounter Christ

  • A shared experience of mature teens and adults who seek to grow together in faith and understanding.
  • An opportunity to encounter Christ and experience His presence.
  • Moving beyond intellectual understanding of the Catholic Christian faith to an actual encounter with Christ’s mercy and love.
  • An opportunity to make friends in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.
  • Encouraging involvement with the Church and its community.
  • A weekend retreat free from the pressures of school and work, where you will experience living with others and with Christ in an environment conducive to that.

Who Can Attend?

The TEC program is open to individuals 16 and up (provided they are in the second semester of grade 11). Adults are welcome. All applications are due at least one week prior to the weekend. Late applications will be accepted if there is room.

What could I expect on a weekend?

You will have opportunities to share your thoughts and ideas, but only what you want to share. No one is forced to do anything. It is important that you attend TEC of your own free will. The TEC weekend lasts 3 full days, Friday morning to Sunday (late afternoon). It is important that you be present for the entire weekend. If you cannot be, please apply for a weekend when you are free to do so.

How much does it cost?

The total cost of the TEC weekend is $120. If you are a member of a Catholic parish in the Thunder Bay Diocese, your parish will subsidize you.

Student: Your Cost $60.00 – Parish Cost $60
Adult: Your Cost $70.00 – Parish $50

Non-Catholics are encouraged to make this same arrangement with their church or sponsor.

If there is any doubt about parish sponsorship in your case, please contact Debbie DeBruyne. (Information listed on contacts page.)

Where do I send wheat letters?

Send your wheat letters to:

TEC – Diocese of Thunder Bay
P.O. Box 10400
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7B 6T8

Or Fax your letter to Area Code (Eight zero Seven) 343-9114
Or Email to Debbie DeBruyne

Please note that Wheat Letters must be sent by Thursday, before the TEC weekend, or you can drop them off at the TEC location during the retreat.


Memorial and Celebration donations can be made through the Diocese of Thunder Bay, by downloading the below forms. Please fill in the donation form and send it to the Diocese of Thunder Bay with the address listed on the form to receive a tax receipt.

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