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Encountering Christ . . . .

In Scripture

Lectio Divina (​“divine, or sacred, reading”) is the name given to a spiritual tradition among Christians over the last two thousand years, in which they attentively and pray​erfully read the word of God.

Although there is an element of study in “Lectio Divina”, it is not the same as Bible study, or exegesis, where one seeks to interpret the sacred text through analysis, and with the help of the work of scripture scholars.

In Lectio Divina we seek not to master or grasp the sacred text, but rather through it, prayerfully and silently, to come into the presence of God. We seek to be humbly a​ttentive to God’s Holy Word, to savour it, and to let it enter into our heart as much as our heads, so that it may transform us.

One approach to Lectio Divina is simply to move systematically though a book of the Bible, but it never involves worrying about “covering” a certain quantity of text: what matters more is the quality of our humble attentiveness. We choose a small portion of the sacred text, and reflect prayerfully upon it.

Lectio Divina is not intended to increase our intellectual knowledge of the Bible (though it also has that effect); instead, it is intended to draw us closer to God, and to transform our attitudes and behaviour.

One Sunday evening each month all are welcome to join Cardinal Collins for Lectio Divina at St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica.

We begin with Vespers (Evening Prayer) at 7 p.m., followed by Lectio Divina from 7:30 to 8:15 p.m.

LIVESTREAM: Lectio Divina is livestreamed via the St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica website at www.stmichaelscathedral.com/live

Sunday Bible Reflections with Scott Hahn (Audio)

In Standing For The Voiceless

The next March for Life is May 2019 – Ottawa

The main event, the March itself starting at Parliament Hill and continuing through downtown Ottawa, occurs on Thursday May 12. However, we have many other events you can partake in throughout the day and also the day before (Wed) and the day after (Fri). Below is a complete list.

For more information go to the Campaign Life Coalition Website.

You can also watch the 2012 Promotional Video by Campaign Life Coalition below or watch interviews with attendees to the March for Life courtesy of Saint Gabriel’s Newsroom.  These two videos capture the essence of the National March for Life.

Those interested in attending the March for Life as a TEC group please contact Debbie DeBruyne at ten.l1558745532etyab1558745532t@eny1558745532urbed1558745532bed1558745532

National March for Life

In The Community

Every first Friday Corpus Christi Church is hosting an all-night adoration vigil. It begins at 9:00pm with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, and includes reconciliation, Stations of the Cross, rosaries, litanies and various devotions and prayers throughout the night, ending with the Angelus and benediction at 6:00am. The vigil is offered for the upholding of life, marriage, family and priests/vocations. Contact Irene at 807-629-6437 or .moc.1558745532nsm@5155874553255sen1558745532ihene1558745532ri1558745532

In the Eucharist

TEC Exposition (Adoration) Times at Corpus Christi Church:

Next events to be scheduled.

Thunder Bay Street Gospel

If you haven’t seen the Street Gospel Youtube videos yet you can view them on the youth page or via YouTube.